🎙Crossing the future chasm #54Listen now (38 min) | A conversation with Tom Goodwin, Author, Speaker, TV Presenter and Consultant
🎙 Net zero unemployment through AI #53Listen now (34 min) | I speak to Katie Gibbs, Founding Partner at Emergence Partners
Toxic workplaces are the leading driver of the great resignation. This edition we explore what companies and individuals can do to make work better.
CO2 levels are rising despite heightened attention. So how do we bridge the gap between sustainable intention and real change?
🎙️ Can technology solve the climate crisis? #51Listen now (37 min) | The climate crisis has reached a point where it is now impossible to ignore, and many people are looking to technology to help.
Modern life forces us to prioritise speed over sustainability. Governments will have to tackle time deficits if they want citizens to reduce their…
🎙️ Solving the mobility challenge #50Listen now (27 min) | Find out how micromobility is set to revolutionise urban transport sustainably
Or is it just for a privileged few
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