🎙 Is Lifelong Learning The Future of Education?Listen now (29 min) | Interview with Maury Shenk, Founder and CEO of LearnerShape
🎙 Leveraging AIListen now (32 min) | In this episode we explore how AI, with the specific example of chat GPT, is shaking up the marketing and wider content sectors…
🎙 Can an app unchain us from our desks?Listen now (23 min) | Interview with Toby Cannon, founder and CEO of Myles Wellbeing
The latest AI chatbot - ChatGPT - has got everyone talking, with its ability to respond to questions (often with frighteningly accurate responses). But…
🎙 Stress, sleep and better supplementsListen now (27 min) | A conversation with Joe Welstead, CEO and Co-Founder of Motion Nutrition
🎙Crossing the future chasm #54Listen now (38 min) | A conversation with Tom Goodwin, Author, Speaker, TV Presenter and Consultant
🎙 Net zero unemployment through AI #53Listen now (34 min) | I speak to Katie Gibbs, Founding Partner at Emergence Partners
Toxic workplaces are the leading driver of the great resignation. This edition we explore what companies and individuals can do to make work better.
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